Merlin XP

GVW 7.5 Tonne - Single Engine Technology for a Cleaner World.

Scarab Operator Flexibility
Maximum Operator Flexibility
The Merlin XP is designed specifically to give maximum payload and flexibility at the 7.5 Tonne weight break in the UK.

This allows operators that don’t hold a full LGV License but do have ‘Grandfather Rights’ prior to 1st January 1997 to drive
the vehicle, thus allowing a larger pool of potential operators at a lower overall cost to the operating company.

Based around the same proven Scarab hydrostatic single-engine philosophy as the larger machines, the XP gives comparable
all round performance for both Municipal and Rural operations whilst maximizing manoeuverability and payload potential.
Scarab Single Engine
Single -Engine Transmissions
The Scarab Single Engine Hydrostatic Sweeper has been a cornerstone of our range for many years, but what real benefits in terms of emissions, noise, and payload to water carrying and hopper capacity ratio does the integration of a single engine bring?

A traditional twin engine sweeper has a large engine mounted directly behind the driver, meaning the water tank has to be fitted into the bottom of the hopper to enable wheelbase to be kept to a minimum.

On the hydrostatic vehicle, the space that the secondary engine occupies is replaced by the water tank, meaning that as well as increased water capacity, the hopper can also have a larger volume with no increase in height, whilst remaining at the shortest wheelbase possible.
Arguably, the weight distribution is also spread more evenly over the whole chassis, resulting in less likelihood of overloading and less wear and tear on the host chassis itself and of course a more stable platform for the driver.

Increasingly the Environmental issue is being brought to the fore and in this area the Single Engine Sweeper scores highly, using less than 75% of the fuel used by a twin-engine vehicle and all fuel is controlled to the latest Euro 6 Emissions Standards, whereas the majority of fuel burned by a twin-engine sweeper is actually emitted at a much older emissions level with the subsequent increase in noxious particles emitted.
Scarab Merlin XP sweeper
The Merlin-XP is probably the most effective road sweeper available in the 7.5/8.0 tonne GVW range that is favoured by so many municipal and urban operators. With payload performance at a premium in this class, our Hydrostatic systems deliver a significant advantage over any auxiliary-engine powered sweeper on the same chassis and with room for a 900 litre water tank, the XP has exceptional on-task endurance.
Scarab Merlin Suction Performance
Powerful and Reliable Suction Performance
A centrifugal impellor positioned to produce an efficient airflow path for high suction performance and reduced power consumption. Fan chamber is easily accessed for cleaning. Particulate screening via a hinged, mesh filter, pleated to give maximum surface area and reduce blocking - swings down for ease of cleaning.
Scarab Merlin XP Controls
Command and Control
Scarab’s CANbus control system has revolutionised the way sweepers are operated and maintained.
Intuitive controls and a conveniently positioned colour monitor provide comprehensive levels of feedback to both operating and service personnel.
A graphical display indicates the sweeping configuration and conditions of the vehicle systems including warnings and regular service reminders. Real-time monitoring and datalogging provides valuable assistance in resolving problems and achieving optimum machine performance.
Scarab CANbus includes universal connectors for fitment of Global positioning System (GPS) and the option of real-time data via telematic up-link.
A conveniently positioned colour monitor displays operating information in graphical form and enables the driver and service personnel to scroll through a number of screens to display and adjust vehicle set-up.
More Information
  • Merlin XP Brochure (pdf, 6.36 MB)
  • Merlin XP Technical Specification (pdf, 795.75 KB)
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