Magnum Plus Titanium

‘Titanium’ options including rear suction, front brushes, additional high pressure water pumps and more.

Scarab Magnum Titanium sweeper
Titanium options
The Magnum Plus is the Scarab Flagship sweeper. With its class-leading, powerful suction, high specification and rugged build it is suited for all civil works and specialist applications including airport runway and aprons, milling work, high pressure surface cleaning and glycol removal. Designed and built by Scarab in the United Kingdom which can then be further enhanced by our specialised dealer Walter in Germany with additional ‘Titanium’ options including rear suction, front brushes, additional high pressure water pumps and more. The Magnum Plus Titanium can be mounted on a chassis of your choice in the range of 18 to 19 tonnes.
Scarab Magnum Titanium rear suction
Rear suction
A full-width suction nozzle system mounted to the rear of the vehicle, ensuring minimum envelope possible whilst retaining a full 2.5 metre suction width. Coupled with High Pressure water systems, this ensures spotlessly clean surface-dressed surfaces ready for the application of the final wearing course. Full floating facility allows for surface imperfections. Options for chipping collection plus specialised high pressure washing.
Scarab Magnum Plus Titanium High pressure system
To allow perfect cleaning of the road surface, Walter can offer a range high pressure or High Volume water pump options, depending on the exact requirement. These are mounted on the chassis behind the cab and incorporate and independent hydraulic system, thus allowing no performance drop in all conditions.
Scarab Magnum Plus Titanium spray bar
Fully adjustable slewing spraybar systems with
pneumatic articulation allow the operator
to get full utilisation from the chosen water
pump system.
These bars can slew left to right, depending
on kerbside and also lift and lower to allow
safer stowage and protection from damage.
Scarab Magnum Plus Titanium front brushes
Front brush options
A number of Front Brush systems are also available, whether the requirement is for simply extra sweeping capability, an extra brush that can sweep pavements whilst the standard brushes are sweeping the road, or full weed-ripping capability. The whole range of options can be catered for. Specialised Roller brushes are also available for milling requirements.
More information
  • Magnum Plus Brochure (pdf, 2.64 MB)
  • Magnum Plus Technical Specification (pdf, 543.94 KB)
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