10 - 18 Tonne

Our 10 - 18 tonne sweepers are....

Our 10 - 18 Tonne
  • Scarab Merlin sweeper
    Scarab Merlin Road Sweeper - 10 to 16 Tonne GVW
  • Scarab Magnum Sweeper
    Scarab Merlin Road Sweeper - 10 to 18* Tonne GVW
  • Scarab M6 sweeper
    M6 Twin-Drive
    The M6 has been designed for operators who prefer a twin-engine configuration but who also wish to benefit from the very best in sweeper technology.
  • Scarab M65T sweeper
    M65T Twin-Drive
    The M65T is a heavy duty twin-engine sweeper capable of being mounted onto virtually any internationally available 12 to 18 tonne GVW truck chassis.
  • Scarab Mistral sweeper
    Mistral Twin-Drive
    Australian Market only
    GVW range from 12 to 18 Tonne - Twin Engine